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Interactive Premier League 2018/19 Table in Excel Download

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Free Download Interactive Premier League 2018/19 Table in Excel

Update: We are moving to the domain.  Please head to for the latest updates!  Thank you!

2018/19 Season: Current Revision is Rev 8.3.  (Updated on 6/8/2019): Verify Captcha first. Download will start automatically.

Follow this link to download Interactive 2018/19 EFL Championship League Table in Excel


  • Alex

    can i manually fill or update latest SAF values in the SPI or is it only a manual function? Do real time matches have an effect on SAF values and how do I edit those values to reflect latest real time strength of a team ? For eg. : allison injury will effect the def SPI of liverpool. .How do I reflect that on the SPI table.

    • jtang

      You can manually enter the SAF of each team on the “SPI” tab. A positive number makes the team stronger. A negative number makes the team weaker.

  • Jason

    Hey i know this may sound funny., but i’m trying to make early prediction s for 19/20 premier league season is there any way i can input the goal difference, the wins, the draws, the loses, the games played and etc using this. I know this may be complicated so ill give you an example, lets say i predict man city will beat west ham 3 0(no offence to any team) i kinda want to input that data into excel and it automatically generates a place for them in the new pl table. Thanks

    • jtang


      Yes, this can be done.

      1. Type in the scores of the games you wish to predict in the “fixtures” tab.
      2. Run “Update Table with AutoFill”. The league table will be updated using the scores you manually typed-in.
      OR, you can run the Monte Carlo prediction by clicking the “Predict League Table” button.

  • Ro

    Thanks for this, very useful!

    When I try to run the predict league table i get the following errorL

    Run-time error ‘438’
    Object doesn’t support this property or method.

    Can you help please?


    • jtang

      Hi Ro,
      I haven’t experienced this error before. Is this rev 6.7? Most likely the computer is low on memory. Please close Excel and restart the computer, if possible. Let me know if the problem persists.


      • Ro

        Hi Jie,
        Yes its on 6.7 and the problem is still there. I’ve tried the sheet on various machines and receiving the same error.

  • Tim A

    The SPI numbers aren`t the latest ones (as of Dec 2018), when I try and update them, Excel asks to enter an unprotect sheet password. How can I update the SPI`s to the latest ones?

    • jtang

      Hi Tim,

      You can update the SPI by clicking on the “Download SPI from” button on the SPI tab. You may also manually input the SPI numbers in the “F” and “G” columns.


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