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Cured Pork Rice Bowl

Cured Pork Rice Bowl 熏肉饭

The Cured Pork Rice Bowl is a versatile meal. It’s really quick to make and a good way to finish leftover rice, and make good use of any vegetable you might have in the frig.

Hormel’s Cured Salt Pork is a staple item in my refrigerator. I like to add this to things like Shumai, Pork Rib Soup, and many other meat dishes. Cured pork has a different texture, it’s firmer than fresh pork, so it not only adds a new layer of flavor to the dish, it also adds an interesting texture.

Since Hormel’s Cured Salt Pork is not cooked, it needs to be steamed a bit longer. Place rice in a deep plate or a bowl (I like to use deep plate so I have more surface area for all the items I put on the rice bowl). Flatten the top of the rice with a spoon, lay slices of salt pork on top of the rice. Steam over medium high heat for 10 minutes.

While the rice is being steamed, pan fry the pork belly that I got from Costco. By the way, this is awesome tasting pork belly, it’s fully cooked and cured and smoked. I hope Costco keeps on carry this and not just a seasonal item. Pan fry 3 minutes on each side to give it a nice brown and crisp. When done, take a piece of the pork belly and place it on top of the rice. 
Crack an egg on top of the rice, and continue to steam for another minute or two till the egg white starts to solidify and egg yolk is still runny.

In the meantime, stir fry some vegetables on the side. Zucchini, spinach, bok choy, Shanghai green, bean sprouts, and cabbages are all really good options. Place vegetable on top of the rice. You can drizzle the rice bowl with soy sauce, or any kind of your favorite sauce. At my house, the sweet and spicy sauce made with Soy Sauce, Honey and Sriracha is always a big hit. Mix the egg yolk and sauce into the rice and enjoy!

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