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Interactive Premier League Table in Excel Download

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Free Download Interactive Premier League Table in Excel

05-31-2021: We are moving to domain.  Follow this link to the new website.

As the 2020/21 season comes to an end, we have updated league tables in Excel for the following leagues.

  1. England Premier League.  
  2. England Championship League.  
  3. Germany Bundesliga.  
  4. France Ligue 1.  
  5. Spain La Liga.  
  6. Italy Serie A. 

Link to Download page:

The Interactive Premier League Excel spread sheet calculates the Win, Draw and Loss probabilities of each fixture.  Based on the calculated probabilities, the spread sheet will predict the score of each fixture.  Furthermore, it allows the user to run Monte Carlo simulations of the entire season and predict the outcome of the league table.

The spread sheet supports the following features.

1. Predict and generate the league table.

The league table can be generated in the following 3 ways.

  1. Generating the league table from manually entered scores. 
  2. Generating the league table from automatically “guessed” scores.  The “guessed scores” are generated based on the Win/Draw/Loss probabilities.
  3. Predicting the final league table by running Monte Carlo simulations.  The user can specify the number of Monte Carlo runs. 

The math behind predicting EPL games is documented in detail in the this post.  I use the SPI (Soccer Power Index) published by to predict the outcome of the games. 

The spread sheet also offers a couple of unique features that allow the user to make his or her own predictions.

  1. SPI Adjustment Factor (SAF).  “SAF” allows the user to tweak the SPI values from  You can strengthen or weaken a club by using a positive or negative SAF value.  This comes in handy when the user happens to disagree with the SPI values.  It allows the user to analyze other possible scenarios and see how they play into the final league standings.
  2. The user can enter “guessed” scores for future games.  This allows the user see how the outcome of a future game changes the standings of the team. 

2. Printable list of the league fixtures.

The spreadsheet presents the league fixtures into two formats.

  1. Fixtures arranged by each club.  
  2. Fixtures arranged by match days.

The spread sheet works with MS Excel 2013 or later. You need to enable macro in Excel to run it. 

If you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

2020/21 Season:   Verify Captcha first. Download will start automatically.

Follow this link to download Interactive League Tables in Excel for EFL Championship League, France Ligue 1, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A.


    • jtang

      Hi Marta,

      The %Win, Top4 and Relegate Probabilities are calculated from the results of Monte Carlo Simulation. For instance, if after 10000 Monte Carlo simulation runs, Club A wins the league 200 times out the 10000 runs, then the win% of Club A is 200/10000 = 2%

  • Ramy Algendy

    More changes to the EPL fixtures announced today again

    Sunday 17 January
    14:00 Sheff Utd v Spurs (Change in Kick-off time only)

    Wednesday 20 January
    18:00 Man City v Aston Villa (Change in Kick-off time only)

    Tuesday 26 January
    18:00 Crystal Palace v West Ham

    Wednesday 27 January
    19:30 Brighton v Fulham

  • Ramy Algendy

    There has been some Major change in the Fixtures of the EPL and its as follows

    Aston Villa vs. Tottenham due to be played on the 13th January has been rescheduled.

    Tottenham vs. Fulham will be played on the 13th instead at 8:15pm.

    Fulham’s home game against Chelsea has also been moved from Friday 15th to Saturday 16th with a 5:30pm kick-off.

    Everton’s away game against Aston Villa will also move from Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th January with a 12pm kick-off.

    Hope u can Update the Excel ASAP

    Thank you

  • Ramy Algendy

    Napoli have won their appeal against the 3-0 defeat to Juventus, so the game will have to be replayed and the point penalty to Napoli is revoked, so The Serie A table is therefore automatically transformed today, as Juventus drop from 27 points to 24, while Napoli climb to 24.

    Please Edit the Serie A Excel with the Updates.

    Thank You Alot.

  • Ramy Algendy


    The Championship Excel needs editing again as today Sheffield Wednesday’s -12 point deduction for breaching spending rules has been reduced to six points.

    so they have 5 points now in the table instead of -1


  • Ramy Algendy


    The Championship Excel needs editing again as today Sheffield Wednesday’s -12 point deduction for breaching spending rules has been reduced to six points.

    So they have 5 points now in the table instead of -1


  • Ramy Algendy

    Hi jtang

    Sorry if this is asking to much, but if u can Explain whats new in Every New Version Excel u release as if its only adding the results or something else u fixed or edited so we can know.

    Thanks again for your Hard work

    Much appreciated

    • jtang

      The new releases are most to keep up with fixture date/time changes.

      For instance, so far, Premier League has only released fixture time and date up to 10/3/2020. We will try to update the Excel sheet when new schedules are released.

      • Ramy Algendy

        I figured it is only Fixture changes


        if u find something wrong or fix anything and release a new Version please notify us.

  • jtang

    Thanks for pointing out the problems! I just uploaded a new version (20200920) for 2020/21 Championship League with the following fixes.
    1. Sheffield Wed. starts the season with -12 pts.
    2. Game time for Central European Time Zone is now correct.
    3. Fixed Spelling for “Rotherham”.

      • Ramy Algendy

        Nope, check the newest Version still not fixed

        Sheffield Wednesday HAVE A -8 points after 2 games played

        Because they started the Season with a -12 deducted points

      • Ramy Algendy

        There is also something wrong with the Europe Central Time Zone in “Fixtures_by_date” page In the Championship Excel

        The Times are all wrong

      • Freddy Hudkin

        Hello J Tang,

        Thank you for this spreadsheet, its very impressive, sorry but i think that Ramy Algendy is correct.

        I have just opened the 20200913 version, filled in the results for Saturday 19th September and generated the league table. Sheffield Wednesday are in 3rd position, they should be in 24th position. They were deducted 12 points and so started the season at -12 points, they should now be on -8 points after two games played.

        There is a spelling error in the team names on the Dashboard tab. Cell B20 should be Rotherham United.

        On the SPI tab, if I click the Excel 2013 update SPI I get an error. Run time error 5; Invalid procedure call or argument. This may be due to me using Excel 2010 though.

        Your hard work in creating these spreadsheets is very much appreciated so please do not take these comments as a criticism.

        Regards Freddy

          • Ramy Algendy

            And i Second Freddy Hudkin on what he said

            Very Impressive work and alot of hard work done to create there amazing excel sheets

          • jtang

            Thank you!
            I just uploaded a new version (20200920) for Championship League with the following fixes.
            1. Sheffield Wed. starts the season with -12 pts.
            2. Game time for Central European Time Zone is now correct.
            3. Fixed Spelling for “Rotherham”.

  • Rahul

    Hi JTANG,
    In the 2020/21 EPL workbook the Guessed score columns are locked. Can this please be unlocked. Also, can you please enable basic functions like hide/unhide columns?

    • jtang

      The two guessed score columns are used by the Excel Macro code and cannot be unlocked. You can type in your guessed scores in the home team goal and away team goal columns.

  • Jordan

    Doesn’t work. I have downloaded the 2018/19 one which allows you to fill your own results in and then generates a table and works fine but the 2019/20 version just puts its own scores in when you click ‘no auto fill’. very frustrating.

    • jtang

      Sorry for the very late reply. Starting from the June 2020 update, the user can no longer change the scores of the games that are already completed. “No Auto Fill” will only “guess” the scores of the future games, not the games that have already completed. I think this is what you have observed.

  • Dan

    Will you be updating this for the second half of the season and fixtures that have been rearranged?

    The games now all say 00:00 as kick off time.

      • Daniel

        Thank you very much!

        Do you have one, or are considering implementing, where it includes all other domestic and European fixtures such as Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League etc?

  • Darren

    HI, would it be possible to get the password to unlock the worksheet that has the premier league table on it i am happy to pay a modest amount for the password but i want to know how the table auto updates itself

    • jtang

      Hi HVK,

      There are a few different ways to try various scenarios:
      1. You can enter the score of a particular fixture per your own prediction. You can then run the Monte Carlo simulation to see how the table changes.
      2. You can enter the “SAF” factors of a particular club. The “SAF” values basically overrides the SPI values.
      3. You still can manually enter the “SPI” values of each club, if you do not agree with “SPI” values.


  • Johnny

    Hi Tang family
    I love you spreadsheets
    do you have one for the english league 1, league 2 and the national league
    just the fixtures will be good for those leagues pls

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