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Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock

Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock

Part of Appalachian Trail, the section near Hamburg PA offers great view of Lehigh Valley and surrounding ridges. The hike was moderately difficult, mainly due to the steep elevation change about a mile before Pulpit Rock, and also it’s pretty long hike, about 8.7 miles. 

The first mile and half was an easy stroll, slight uphill through the woods.

The deeply shaded and damp trail was perfect environment for mushrooms.

Pulpit Rock

I have heard from several people that there were rattle snakes in the crevasses on Pulpit Rock, but never had the luck to spot one. During our first hike in August, we did see a black snake on a tree branch.

View from Pulpit Rock

Slightly off the path, there was the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society. The star gazing domes were closed all 3 times we were here.

Rim Trail

The hike from Pulpit Rock to Pinnacle via Rim Trail was rocky, but not much elevation change. It was pretty tough on ankles, but the view from Pinnacle made all the hard steps worthwhile.

Rim Trail is mostly like this
Rock pile where AT goes left and Pinnacle Trail on the right leads to vista


Dozens of hawks, what a lucky day!

Hawks on 8/19 trip

The descend from Pinnacle via Furnace Creek Trail was an easy walk, with creek and occasion waterfall on the right, it was relaxing.

At the end of Furnace Creek was the Hamburg Reservoir

Yesterday’s hike was also an attempt to see fall foliage, but most of the trees were still green. Finally on the final stretch of the gravel road leading to parking lot, there was couple trees turning red.

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