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Shanghai Style Rice 上海菜饭

Shanghai Style Rice 上海菜饭

When I grew up, my mom usually made Shanghai Style Rice from uncooked rice. She would mix fresh pork, salty pork and shanghai green with rice, add a little bit water (about half as much when you make plain rice). When it’s fully cooked, add salt to taste and add 2 tablespoon of lard or bacon oil and mix well. It was so delicious!

However, my very intelligent rice cooker with induction heat couldn’t seem to make rice with too little water. I tried a few times, they all ended up with half cooked rice. I miss Shanghai Style Rice, so I improvise. Make rice with the rice cooker, but with a little less water, so the rice is slightly harder than usual. Over high heat stir fry pork, salty pork, Chinese sausage (optional), set aside. Stir fry shanghai green, and set aside. Then scramble some eggs, when eggs are half done, add rice and stir constantly till rice and eggs are mixed together. Add pork and shanghai green back in. Add salt to taste, and don’t forget the bacon oil. Serve hot. It tastes as good as the traditional version with greener vegetable and more controllable process!

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