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Stewed Noodle with Kidney Bean


Stewed Noodle with Kidney Bean

  • 250g Flour, 92g Water, Tagliatelle disc
  • Marinate sliced pork in cooking wine and soy sauce for 10 minutes, stir fry
  • Stir fry bean (kidney bean with the outside) till it changes color (to a brighter green); add pork slice back to the pan
  • Add soy sauce and sugar; add water to cover the bean and pork; cover and simmer for 8-10 minutes
  • Remove half of the sauce, about 1.5 cup for later use
  • Add fresh noodle loosely on top of the bean and pork, cover and simmer for a few minutes, make sure not to let the pan go dry
  • Stir and mix noodle with bean and port, add back the sauce, mix well; continue to simmer till the sauce almost dry out
  • Add green scallion and serve hot

  • 250克面粉,92克水,Tagliatelle出面头
  • 五花肉肉片加料酒少许酱油腌十分钟,煸炒至出油盛出
  •  豆角煸炒至变颜色,把肉片放回锅中
  • 加酱油,糖;加水没过豆角和肉片;烧8-10分钟
  • 将一半的汁水盛出备用
  • 把新鲜面条(千万不要煮熟)均匀地铺在豆角和肉片上面,盖上盖子,中小火焖,注意不要把锅烧干
  • 翻炒一下面条,加入刚刚盛出的汤汁,拌匀,盖盖继续煮到面条上色,汤汁基本收干
  • 撒上葱花香油,趁热吃


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