Penn’s Landing and Historical District

Penn’s Landing and Historical District

Penn’s Landing

Penn’s Landing, where William Penn made his historical landing in Philadelphia in 1682. I am sure it looks nothing like when Mr Penn landed. This place is full of color and vibrancy. Restaurants, hotels, food vendors and art stands is everywhere. 

Before crossing the Chestnut Street pedestrian bridge, there was the Irish Memorial Park. It commemorates the struggle and pain of those Irish who fled their homeland in the face of a hunger of catastrophic proportions. It celebrates their courage that forged an enduring link between Ireland and America.

Irish Memorial Park

Crossing the bridge, immediately on the right is the Great Plaza. It’s said to be always busy with concerts and events, it was relatively quiet today. From here, you have an unobstructed view of Benjamin Franklin Bridge connecting Philadelphia and New Jersey.

The Beach Boardwalk created sort of an inner harbor, where people are peddling boats, or kayaking. There are also many personal yachts docked. Warship Olympia is a permanent exhibit and brings past to life.

Hilton Hotel by the water and kayaks for rent
Beach Boardwalk
Personal Yachts
Warship Olympia

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Colorful LED Lights in the Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park was so vibrant and lively. The colorful hammocks were everywhere. There were lots of people spending the warm afternoon in the park to relax, to enjoy some music and food. The park will close in another week for 2018.

Christopher Columbus Monument, and people relaxing
Hammocks in the Park
Harbor Park Concert

Before getting to Harbor Park, there were several of such panels with locks, ribbons and messages on it. They look really cool but I didn’t know what it is for except it’s a lot like love locks. Upon some researching, I learnt this is Philadelphia Hope Fence, and it was only put up less than a year ago by cancer survivor Daniel Keating and his wife. It spans 250 feet. Their goal is to see 5 million locks attached to the fence.

Philadelphia Hope Fence
Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Historical District

This week’s destination was Penn’s Landing. One the way there, we walked past the most historical area of Philadelphia. The Historical District definitely deserves a trip on its own. Here are a few monumental buildings.

Independence Hall
Second Bank
US Custom House
Merchant’s Exchange Building
Merchant’s Exchange Building

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