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Omelette Rice 蛋包饭

Omurice Omelette Rice 蛋包饭

I was completely dazzled by this video showing Chef Motokichi making Japanese omelette rice so effortlessly. The curiosity in me just took over.  Here I am, making very first attempt at this amazing-looking dish! Though the end result wouldn’t even get a passing grade from Motokichi, I did learn something preparing the omelette. I consumed way too many eggs today, so I will wait awhile before attempting this again.

Fried rice under (or inside ;-) ) the omelette can be of any type, in my opinion. It can contain any type of meat, or vegetable that’s available in the refrigerator. Although many Japanese Omelette Rice call for a tomato based sauce for the fried rice, I think it’s all depends on your personal taste. Today, I used andouille sausage, peas, corn, onion, and a teriyaki chili pepper based sauce. It has enough heat and sweetness to make the rice interesting. Since I don’t have leftover rice, I made rice fresh, and made sure I used less water than I normally would so the rice comes out dryer and harder. This is actually true for any type of fried rice.

Place the rice neatly on a plate. It would have been nicer if the rice is shaped in a pointy oval, but I don’t have a bowl in that shape, so a round dome it is.

Now make the omelette. Over high heat, add a little oil to non stick frying pan. When oil is hot (test with a little egg), and pour egg into the pan and start scrambling with chopsticks. While 1/4 to 1/3 of the egg is cooked, remove the mixture from pan and stir to even the egg temperature. Return to hot pan and start making omelette. Unfortunately, I was too busy and absorbed in forming the omelette in a desired shape which was nearly impossible, I didn’t get to take any more pictures while the omelette was taking shape. I also think I need a lighter pan, as I couldn’t flip the omelette at all! That could just be my excuse not having a better omelette, LOL!

The omelette was also a little overcooked, so it didn’t flow over like lava. I ended up making several cuts for it to completely cover the rice.

At this point, I should really pour sauce over the egg, but I forgot to make the sauce! A bite with egg and rice was heavenly delicious already. Yum!

Oh well, it’s very very hard to make that fancy Japanese omelette. I don’t know if I will ever be able to make one like Motokichi’s, or even like Andrew’s. Now, this is a simplified version, and it doesn’t require as many eggs either. It sure also looks like Omelette Rice.