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Mini Pine Tree Bonsai

Transformation of a Pine Tree


Succulent supplies are dwindling down at local nursery. Miniature Pine trees look really neglected, but seem to present a lot of potential. I forgot to take a picture of the 4-inch pot I bought. It’s so lopsided that it couldn’t stand on its own. Pine tree, interestingly, have very woodsy branch, even the young branch looks light brown rather than green. I think they will make really good bonsai.

I separated the tree into two, one has very strong roots, the other is slightly weaker, but it has a grown air root. I decided to chop the top off from the weaker one and see if they will grow back at the top of the cuts. I will do the same to the bigger one once I am sure I am not killing the plant.

The pine was so dry that almost every branch has air roots. I managed to cut many smaller branches off and keep roots on them. 7 of those were potted for friends. 5 were potted together “strategically” to make a forest bonsai.


I am so excited! I found some perfect bonsai pots at Goodwill which literally cost next to nothing. They don’t have holes, but hey, I have the tools and the skill ? to drill any size hole at the bottom of the container. They can’t be any better.

I think all trees are showing signs of growth, very very tiny green leaves are emerging. Many leaves are still shriveled up, but I dare not watering them. I will wait another week and reassess. The top dressing is from pet shop, they are aquarium substrates, the color and size work really well.

Oh I also found the cutest cup from Goodwill, isn’t it perfect for hen and chicks! Actually they are chick and grand chicks, LoL!


It’s been a little over a month now. My miniature pine tree bonsais are getting so much better. The leaves are all pumped up in the “forest” with lots of new growth. The short one is finally starting to grow leaves as well.

When I first potted the two bonsais, I wasn’t sure how the plants will react being trimmed to no leaves at all. So for the taller plant, I left everything in tact. When I noticed growth on bare branches on both bonsais, I decided to work on the tall guy. It was top heavy and way too tall for my liking. Also when it was neglected in the nursery, the branches grew lopsided. As a first round of trimming/pruning, I cut all the trunks to where there was 1 small branch, and left a couple pairs of leaves on each trunk. Since this was the main part of the plant, its roots were all in tact, it started growing right away. I am hoping to reduce the height of tree. Once the newer branches take shape, I will re-evaluate and prune again.

Miniature pine trunks get woodsy easily, which makes the pruned tree very interesting. I like the roots and air roots on these two bonsais.

The three bonsais stand together:

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