Mini Pine Tree Bonsai

Transformation of a Pine Tree


Succulent supplies are dwindling down at local nursery. Miniature Pine trees look really neglected, but seem to present a lot of potential. I forgot to take a picture of the 4-inch pot I bought. It’s so lopsided that it couldn’t stand on its own. Pine tree, interestingly, have very woodsy branch, even the young branch looks light brown rather than green. I think they will make really good bonsai.

I separated the tree into two, one has very strong roots, the other is slightly weaker, but it has a grown air root. I decided to chop the top off from the weaker one and see if they will grow back at the top of the cuts. I will do the same to the bigger one once I am sure I am not killing the plant.

The pine was so dry that almost every branch has air roots. I managed to cut many smaller branches off and keep roots on them. 7 of those were potted for friends. 5 were potted together “strategically” to make a forest bonsai.


I am so excited! I found some perfect bonsai pots at Goodwill which literally cost next to nothing. They don’t have holes, but hey, I have the tools and the skill 😉 to drill any size hole at the bottom of the container. They can’t be any better.

I think all trees are showing signs of growth, very very tiny green leaves are emerging. Many leaves are still shriveled up, but I dare not watering them. I will wait another week and reassess. The top dressing is from pet shop, they are aquarium substrates, the color and size work really well.

Oh I also found the cutest cup from Goodwill, isn’t it perfect for hen and chicks! Actually they are chick and grand chicks, LoL!

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