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Utah Day 2 – East Zion

After another good breakfast at the Porter’s, we packed up and left Springdale. Driving through Zion National Park is like driving through wonderland, with surprising mile-long tunnel, magnificent rocks and checker board mesa.

After we decided to make this trip as a family, Facebook started to push posts to me with pictures of Utah. I would then send them to Claire and Claire did the research. Today’s attractions were the result of the internet AI and family collaboration.

Belly of the Dragon

Belly of the Dragon

This very short yet fun trail is outside of Kanab UT, about 20 miles East of Zion, 5 minutes detour from Zion to Bryce. It was a manmade tunnel served as water culvert under highway. Along the years, water from the mountains follows though the tunnel down to the river below. Now the tunnel looks like an intestine with grooves and bumps. It was an easy hike, relaxing and entertaining.

Red Hollow Slot Canyon

Red Hollow Slot Canyon

Another fun and easy trail near Orderville UT! The short trail took us through sandy wash with red and white rocks surrounding us until we reached the colorful Elkhart Cliffs. There were some very narrow passages with huge bolder blocking the walkway. We were on fours to climb over those. At the end of the slot, there was a rope hanging down from the top. I of course didn’t make any attempt to get up there.

The Yurt at East Zion Resort

After yesterday’s big hike (30k steps and 2000 ft elevation), today’s light activities felt great. I had rented a Yurt through Airbnb, and we all couldn’t wait to have a taste of living in a tent. The yurt didn’t disappoint. It’s rustic on the outside, but very modern and upscale inside. Glassware, sheets and toiletry all seem high end. It’s air conditioned and spacious. We sat around the firepit, admiring the quiet mountains and star gazed at night.

There is only one general store in town with little grocery to choose from. Our dinner was grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Dinner paired very well with the Nomadic dwelling.

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