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Jade Tree Diary

Transformation of a Jade Tree


Received a huge jade tree today! I had a jade tree before, somehow, it got smaller each year, and earlier this spring, it officially disappeared. Sounds hard to believe, right? I am excited about this new addition, yet very worried about my own ability. The jade tree was top heavy, and grew very lopsided. I repotted into a huge pot, supported the heavier side with a Y shaped branch, nonetheless, it had a hard time standing straight.

I started watching YouTube videos about jade tree. Apparently it’s a very popular tree to have and many people offered advices and tutorials. I decided that I would like to have a TREE in a couple years rather than a bush, so cutting seems inevitable. In order to get some reassurance and confirmation of what I intended to do, I wrote to a YouTuber whose videos seem very helpful for me to understand the process. Honestly, I didn’t expect any response.


The YouTuber Scott Winnard actually wrote back! He confirmed what I had planned. I cleaned a pair of scissors with rubbing alcohol, got couple pots ready with succulent soil, and get to work. I wouldn’t have dared to cut that many branches, and remove that many leaves if I hadn’t read, watched so much last night. The end results are as these. I emailed Scott again, and he was very pleased with how they came out.


Yesterday when I was working on my other plants, I noticed reddish spots on several branches on both trees. Those reddish spots, as I read, are the future new branches. That’s exciting. I didn’t quite expect any growth yet, it’s only been a week and I had only watered it once a couple days ago. It was very cool at night the past week, so I had been moving them inside the house at night. They got plenty of sun during the day sitting on the patio.

Aside from the two sizable trees, I also wanted to start a “forest” look bonsai. During the pruning last week, I saved most of the cuttings, and sorted them into forest potential group and casual propagating group. I noticed new growth on some of the young trees. After examining the wound, I found a couple of them didn’t heal very well. So I decided to leave them on the table overnight and hopefully they will dry properly. I drilled 4 10mm holes at the bottom of a Mr. David’s cookie tin to be used as temporary training pot for Bonsai.

As I was working on the patio, this little guy sneaked up and stayed cozily in the shadow of the jade cutting?


I was watching Nigel Saunders (Claire’s recommendation) pruning his jade tree for a future bonsai and was quite amazed how he trimmed the stump all the way down to create hopefully a scarless trunk. I wasn’t too happy with the stubs on my trees and wasn’t sure if I could remove them till yesterday. Here I go today, removing them completely. Weather is nice, warm and dry, hopefully they heal quickly.

Here is the picture of both trees together.


It’s been raining and damp. Both jade spent most of the two days indoors. The cuts are drying out nicely. New buds are getting bigger too.


The stubs at the tip of those thinner branches shrank, and created a small gap at the joint. I had researched a lot about them recently and read these stubs would shrivel and fall eventually. It’s hard to imagine until I see it happening. I touched one of the stub and it fell like a baby tooth. The joint looks greenish, but not raw like a normal cut. The new growth is so pleasing to look at. They have been sitting in the sun most of the day, the edge of the leaves show a beautiful red. Aren’t they pretty?!

The thicker stubs are still holding on. I will be patient :).

I am also starting to care for a “dead” gardenia. Need a lot of luck on that one.


Tiny growths are now sizable leaves. The big cuts were healing up really beautifully too. It’s getting colder, so they are both moved inside sitting by a south facing window. Succulents are just so resilient, new leaves are finding every possible spot to emerge ?.

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