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Mung Bean Cake

Mung Bean Cake 绿豆糕

Mung Bean Cake


  • 200 g Dried Skinless Mung Bean 无皮绿豆
  • 30 g Butter or 60g without veg. oil
  • 30 g Vegetable Oil or 60g without butter
  • 55 g Sugar
  • 40 g Maltose 麦芽糖
  • Red bean paste


  1. Rinse mung bean and soak in water overnight

  2. Lay cheesecloth in steamer, pour mung bean over the cheesecloth, steam for 50 minutes

  3. Pour steamed mung bean to Vitamix (or other blender), add water, 1 tablespoon at a time, enough for the Vitamix to blend the bean to fine paste. Do not over water.

  4. If you are afraid the paste is not fine enough, this is a good time to press the paste through strainer.

  5. Over low to medium heat, melt butter with vegetable oil, stir in mung bean paste and continue folding to avoid any burning. When oil is absorbed into the paste, add sugar and maltose. Continue to fold till it forms a nice dough.

  6. Cool down the paste. Add any other ingredients and shape as desired.

I use 50g Moon Cake Molds. Spay the mold with oil for easier release.

For the Mung Bean Cake with Red Bean Paste, take 25g of Mung Bean Paste and roll into a ball, press to flatten the paste. Weigh 10g of Red Bean Paste and form a smaller ball. Wrap the red bean paste with mung bean paste. Place the paste in the Moon Cake Mold and press firmly for 15 seconds. Release the shaped Mung Bean Cake onto a plate.

For cranberry mung bean cake, chop cranberry to finer pieces and mix into mung bean paste. Weigh 30g of the mixture and place in the mold. Press firmly for 15 seconds then release.

Keep refrigerated.

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