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Interactive Excel Table for Soccer FAQ

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Interactive Excel Table for Soccer FAQ

1.   I can easily look up game scores and league tables over the internet.  Why do I need an Interactive Excel Table for Soccer to track league tables?

Ans: Wth this Excel table, you not only can track the scores of the finished games, but can predict the outcome of future games.  The league table is calculated with the finished game scores as well as the guessed scores of future games.  This allows the users to generate their own league tables based on their own predictions.

The spread sheet can also help the user to predict game outcome with built-in algorithms based on SPI values published by  In summary, the spread sheet provides the following ways to predict the league table.

  • Generating the league table from manually entered scores. 
  • Generating the league table from automatically “guessed” scores.  The “guessed scores” are generated based on the Win/Draw/Loss probabilities.
  • Predicting the final league table by running Monte Carlo simulations of the entire season. 

2.   Is there an Interactive Excel Table available for my favorite soccer league?

Ans: As of September 2020, we have an Interactive Excel Table for the following soccer leagues in Europe.

  • England Premier League.  
  • England Championship League.  
  • Germany Bundesliga.  
  • France Ligue 1.  
  • Spain La Liga.  
  • Italy Serie A. 

Follow this link to download the Excel table for your soccer league.

3.   How do I enter my predicted game scores?

Ans: You simply type in the games scores “Home Goal” and “Away Goal” columns of the “fixtures” tab.  Please note, by default, the spread sheet does not allow the user to change the scores of the “FINISHED” games.  The “FINISHED” games are the games that are finished when the spread sheet is published.  Our intention is to publish updated Excel tables on a regular basis throughout the season.  The updated spread sheet will contain updated scores and updated fixture calendars.

4.  I do not agree with the SPI values of a team.  Is there away to change it?  

Ans: Yes.  There are two ways to do this.

  1. You can simply type in your SPI values in the corresponding Offensive SPI and Defensive SPI columns in the “SPI” tab. 
  2. You can use the SAF (SPI Adjustment Factor) to change the strength of a team without “messing with” the SPI values.  The SAF values can be entered in the “SPI” tab.  A positive SAF value strengthens a team. A negative SAF value weakens a team. 

5.  The spread sheet is password locked.  Can I have the password because I want to learn VBA programming?

Ans: No.  It’s necessary to lock spread sheet in order to keep the macros working properly.  The spread sheet is intended as a tool for football fans to track and predict league tables.  It is not intended to teach VBA programming.



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