Interactive EFL Championship League Table in Excel Download

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Free Download Interactive 2019/20 EFL Championship League Table in Excel

I have created an interactive 2019/20 EFL Championship League Table for the remainder of the 2020 season is released!  Please scroll down to download.  Keep Calm and Stay Healthy!

The spread sheet calculates the Win, Draw and Loss probabilities of each fixture.  Based on the calculated probabilities, the spread sheet will predict the score of each fixture.  Furthermore, it allows the user to run Monte Carlo simulations of the entire 2018/19 season.  The Monte Carlo runs are then averaged to predict the final league table.

The spread sheet supports the following features.

  1. Generating the league table from manually entered scores.
  2. Generating the league table from automatically “guessed” scores.  The “guessed scores” are generated based on the Win/Draw/Loss probabilities.
  3. Predicting the final league table by running Monte Carlo simulations.  The user can specify the number of Monte Carlo runs. 

The math behind predicting games is documented in detail in the this post.  In short, I use the SPI (Soccer Power Index) published by to predict the outcome of the games.  As a matter of fact, our predicted league table is very similar to the predictions by

The spread sheet also offers a cople of unique features.

  1. SPI Adjustment Factor (SAF).  “SAF” allows the user to tweak the SPI values from  You can strengthen or weaken a club by using a positive or negative SAF value.  This comes in handy when the user happens to disagree with the SPI values.  It also allows the user to analyze other possible scenarios and see how they play into the final league standings.
  2. The user can enter “imagined” scores for future games.  This allows the user see how the outcome of a future game changes the standings of the team.  For instance, one can answer questions like this: where will Man U stand if they beat both City and Liverpool later this season?

The spread sheet also contains tabs that lists every fixture sorted by clubs and date.  There is a chart where the points of three clubs are plotted.  The user can select any three clubs to plot.  

It works with MS Excel 2010 or later. You need to enable macro in Excel to run it. 

If you have questions or suggestions, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Current Revision is Rev 4.1.  (Updated on 6/14/2020) Screen Shots:

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Follow this link to download Interactive 2019/20 Premier League Table in Excel.

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8 Responses

  1. Graham Muir says:

    the Monte Carlo Run has a runtime error 438

  2. Graham Williams says:

    hi, im having the same problem Excel 2007
    the Monte Carlo Run has a runtime error 438
    But on premier_ league_interactive_table _2019-20 rev2.2 and 2.3 it works ok with no problem

    • jtang says:

      Hi Graham,

      I found the problem. Please download the updated revision -> “championship_league_interactive_table_2019-20-rev2.5.xlsm”. Monte Carlo will now run in Excel 2007 without error 438. However, Excel 2007 is not fully supported. “SPI auto update” will not run in Excel 2007.


  3. Graham Williams says:

    Hi jtang
    Thanks very much for sorting the problem out
    ill just have to leave the SPI auto update alone

  4. Tim Cousins says:

    Is there any chance of adding in the option to add a points adjustment for each team? Either this or an unlocked table sheet so I can add this formula myself?
    Kind Regards

    • jtang says:

      Hi Tim,
      The points in the league table are calculated from scores of each fixture in the fixtures tab. To changes points of team, you can change the scores of that teams.

  5. Steve Baldwin says:

    Is it possible to update dates and kick off times for Championship matches after October?

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