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2018 Allentown Halloween Parade

2018 Allentown Halloween Parade

A year has passed, last year’s parade seemed not long ago. Parkland Trojan was once again the biggest, grandest showing. However, there were so many other marching groups that were very interesting. I particularly like the French bulldogs and the kids on bikes.

For the Trojans, Alex plays trumpet this year. A clarinet player, he’s such a natural with musical instruments!

Allentown Band

The oldest civilian concert band in the United States, Allentown Band has been in continuous existence since its first documented performance on July 4, 1828, although its origins may trace back to as early as 1822.

French Bulldogs

There are many more dogs marching, some even in strollers! 

Kids on Bikes

By far the most impressive!

Costumes on Display

This is my favorite picture!
I want this face, lol!

Parade Groups


Parkland Trojans

A whopping 200+ musicians! Parkland Trojans is simply awesome!


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